Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Here's the spirit owl for the Kaya demo doing a sort of gust attack. The idea I had for this creatures ability was that it would be able to blow debris out of the way and as a trick move you would be able to get an extra jump or higher jump if used at the right moment. Reminder I don't animate much (even though I super love it) so any critique would be really appreciated.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Some shotty anims

Maki'n gifs of rough anims.


I decided to make a female mesh with somewhat better loops I say somewhat because I always think it can be better. I'll be using her as a bases to start most of my female models. Right now I'll be using her to redo a different version of Mgann or Ms martian. 

Monday, June 22, 2015



Playing with a foxy character. I set the AI in UDK 4 to fallow but I need to set it to roam and scatter.

So a little back story, one day I see this awesome concept of a stylized Alaskan Indian girl (Kaya) and I has this stupid idea to make a game around her, I was like "cool I don't think anyone's made a story/game about a little Alaskan girl" 'ahahaha' and so on I worked up a game doc and an awesome side story (or at least I think its kind of coo... oh and sad). I even had a good friend deliver some great concepts. After a while (still makes me laugh), I almost gave up on the whole thing. Long story short a game called Never Alone came out,(great game, get it) and I kept asking myself are they to similar? But after a while I don't know when I just muscled though it and said just put something out there. 

So where i'm at right now is to just put a playable demo out on the internet (any web browser) as a simple click and play so people can move around in the level. Everything is all very block'y and base level models, everything I built from the ground up pretty quick and dirty (excluding concept of: Kaya, the fox, the dead trees and well the colored tree's style is kind of collaborative). I'm currently playing around with them in UDK 4. I am currently stumped though, I cant seem to figure out a way to get the demo on a web browser. Ill do a bit more research for now.