Thursday, January 28, 2016


I decided to 'Block' out some quick tiles. I might recreate a Diablo 3 dungeon or an old cathedral in general. If it goes far enough and looks unique enough I might put them on unity or udk. I dont know know if free or for sale yet.. Come on a guys gotta eat. If I put a lot of hours in this I'll sale them. The last Unity free one didn't take me a whole lot of time and they were realy simple

Gravity falls Continued...

I keep getting side tracked by things unfortunately. Working on being more diligent.
The things that kept straying me away from this project is trying to find a style for the textures. At first I tried tackling the wooden floor but that ended up being too gritty and not whimsical  enough.

So Scrapped that and moved onto painting some of the other props to try and feel it out. Some less detail on the texture more work on the actual model and loosen the texture is where i'm at. There are lots of props so for a quicker production pipeline is key.

Monday, January 11, 2016

More CLeaning...

I'm working on this guy not worrying about the time. But also worrying about the time (hahaha). I start to think whilst working how much time is to much because I can spend days polishing not giving a (blows raspberries) I was also planning on rigging and doing some fun animation cycles I mean it would be cool seeing this guy run because of his weird size his larger upper body throwing most of the momentum. Wondering if I should finish and jump to my other unfinished projects to build my foilio even more. Plans are uh happening. Either way Havin  Fun.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Flat Color

Finishing the flat color. Next bake, cleanup, pose, render.