Saturday, December 27, 2014


Been jumping from Jobs. Finally left Kmart (its sad because i made that a goal this year ahahah). Worked in an office job for about a month and a half, that was... interesting. But I finally got hired at Disneyland (when did I make That a goal?) I still have my eyes set on Disney Interactive. I was down for a little while so didn't do much of anything for what feel like an eternity(I exaggerate it was Two full months) But shame on me for being lazy. I'm getting back to it though. Got a nice gift
got inspired and I'm back on the grindstone. I'm going to aim for a daily sculpt and a weekly character original or not they are my workouts. Here's today's 38 min. I thought I'd be futher by now but I just noticed its my hundredth post... Hurray.

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